Packaging Trends 2024

Packaging Trends for 2024…

Picking the right colours. A high end luxury product is never going to be packaged in plain corrugated cardboard – talk to us about litho laminating to upgrade!

Sustainability. We still see a continued emphasis on sustainability. As consumers and governments increasingly demand eco-friendly packaging solutions, companies are investing in more sustainable materials, innovative designs, and circular economy practices.

Positive Unboxing Experience. Customers will more likely be loyal and sing praises to friends, family and social media about your product if they have a positive unboxing experience.

Reducing Cost with ‘V’

As we head into 2024, Vanessa encourages supply chain & procurement teams to take a ‘holistic’ view of their packaging processes in the first quarter and then take a deep dive into the world of effective strategies to significantly reduce your packaging costs. This said, we need to ensure it doesn’t compromise the quality or integrity of your products. Thinking about recyclable? Add this into the mix – working with Boxkraft means designing packaging that minimizes waste and maximizes resource efficiency is essential to a circular economy.

"We recognise the importance of optimising your packaging so let's start with picking the right materials and explore the overall packaging rationalisation".

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Cost Reduction TIP

Use Smaller Boxes ie Dimensional Weight – ie Don’t forget about your ‘shipping’ costs.

Dimensional weight is how much space your packaging takes up rather than how heavy it is. That means a package’s dimensional pricing can boost a company’s shipping costs, even if products are relatively light and compact.